I had taken several loans that I was unable to pay back. With Pranic Healing, I got into a new business partnership that generated a larger income for me so that I was able to pay back loans.

Sharath kumar

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Pranic Healing Home – a world apart!

Welcome to Pranic Healing Home in the heart of Annanagar, Chennai. A haven of serenity, amidst the city's chaos. Step into a space that helps you connect with yourself, and disconnect from the external world!

What started off as a small exercise to spread positivity and happiness under our 'Swachcha Soul' campaign, is fast gaining momentum. This platform is open to anyone who wishes to share his/her skill set, and get people interested for an evening.

This is how it all began!

5th February, 1996, was a redletter day for Chennai. Padmini Ramesh, opened her doors to the people of Chennai, offering them ‘Pranic Healing’, promising them a holistic life of well-being.

Armed with Master Choa Kok Sui’s blessings, she began her journey, and today has under her guidance 16 well-trained healers.

Alongside healing patients, Padmini also started teaching the art of Pranic Healing to all those who were interested. Regular orientation sessions and workshops in multiple languages are now held regularly at the centre. Complimentary demo healing sessions are also conducted regularly for new-comers. For students of Pranic Healing, Padmini offers regular guidance and nurturing sessions, helping them become more effective healers. Every 6 months, free healing camps are held throughout the day.

Besides offering food for the soul, Padmini ensures that the food served at the Pranic Healing Home is lip-smacking. In fact, most people confess to coming back to the centre mostly for the delicious fare being served!

Meditation sessions are a huge draw at the centre. Everyday at 11 am, free meditation is held for everyone who walks in. On full moon days, special meditation sessions are held. To encourage knowledge sharing, every week, time is set aside for book readings.

For Arhatic practitioners, weekly group meditation practises are held. Besides this, once every 3 months, Arhatic yogis meet for an intense session on Arhatic practices.

Padmini’s passion for a cleaner environment inspired her to start the ‘Swacha Soul Campaign’. She has been working tirelessly to create at least one Pranic healer in every home in Anna Nagar. She strongly believes that cleanliness of one’s surroundings, when clubbed with regular practise of meditation, can lead us all to a better tomorrow. With the right number of people joining hands to plant more trees, help out in garbage disposal, that ‘better tomorrow’ can be ours sooner!

Yet another initiative of ‘care & share’ is the ‘Happy Moments’. A platform to express new talent, and spread happiness, ‘Happy Moments’ is a much-awaited event held regularly at the Pranic Healing Home.

As a service to society, Padmini offers free healing to mentally ill and destitute women at Banyan’s shelter home.

A fun-filled intensive programme for kids, spread over 6 months, is held every Sunday for 3 hours.

Lastly, the ‘Abode’ at Tindivanam is a project close to Padmini’s heart. Helping people connect with Mother Nature, ‘Abode’ is spread over 4 acres and has something to offer each one. Beautifully designed mud cottages amidst a dense thicket, a play area for kids, turkeys and cows, an open meditation hall and delicious food, all come together here to ensure that every visitor leaves feeling enriched.


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