In April 2008, I had severe pain in my joints and was unable to walk. I got admitted to the hospital in my hometown Calcutta, India and was diagnosed with osteopetriosis. read more

I had severe cervical spondylitis since March 12, 2009. I underwent several medical treatments under 3 doctors but the pain did not reduce. I also had several tractions but it was of no use. read more

In November 2006 I found myself in deep depths. I had taken several loans which I was unable to pay back. I was very depressed, felt suicidal and devastated about my life. read more

I had a heart attack in January 2009 and came to Mrs Padmini Ramesh for pranic healing a month later
(February). read more

For 30 years my father was angry. Screaming, yelling, demanding. I called him the high chair tyrant because he behaved like a 3 year old child if he didn't get his way. read more

We got introduced to Super Brain Yoga in one of the Pranic Healing Sessions. Since the introduction and consistent practice it has had a significant impact on my ability to think on my feet and get a good grasp of the any situation. read more

My health deteriorated after the delivery of my second child in 1988. I got severe headaches which turned into severe migraine attacks. read more

In October 2007, my husband left the family and never returned. I was devastated and felt completely lost. I was screaming at everybody and everything because I had no control over myself anymore. read more
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