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Social Responsibility
Pranic Healing lays enormous emphasis on the need to engage in seva or ‘service to society’. Our Guru Master Choa Kok Sui transformed the lives of millions across the world through his charitable projects which includes running feeding programs in various countries, medical assistance for poor patients and disaster relief across the globe. This brings us to the fundamental question - why is seva and tithing so important?

Importance of Seva:
One of the most important universal laws that govern our life is the law of karma or cause & effect. We only get out of life what we put in it. Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause! If you want to enjoy great results in your life, you must provide causes for it. A wonderful saying goes, “If you want to be loved, be lovable! If you want more friends, be friendly and if you want to be wealthy and prosperous, provide service.” Never engage in the “What’s in it for me?” line of thinking. Simply remember that the universe will reward you for your actions - every single time!

At Pranic Healing Home, we are engaged in several social projects. Some of these include:

Free Healing Camps
According to Chronic Care Foundation, India reports 22 lakh infants and children dying from preventable illnesses annually; more than 1 Lakh mothers die from child birth, 5 lakh people die of tuberculosis while 2.5 million people suffer from HIV. As the state expenditure on healthcare is very low, over 20 million Indians are pushed below the poverty line each year because of the effects of out of pocket spending on healthcare.

Keeping this in mind, we conduct free healing camps in Tamil Nadu to help the less fortunate who are unable to afford healing or medical treatments. Regular camps are conducted both at our centers in Chennai as well as in towns such as Red Hills, Arni, Madurai and Perambalur.

Empowering Rural India
The Institute of Rural Management reports that every year, millions of people migrate in search of work due to a livelihood collapse in their villages. These distressed migrants often lock their homes, take a few meager belongings and move across long distances. The children accompanying their parents are forced to drop out of school. School drop-outs under the age of 14 are estimated to be around 9 Million.

At Pranic Healing Home, we are committed to launching livelihood programs in rural villages to empower the marginalized and disadvantaged sections of the society. One such program has been initiated in a small town called Arni where women are given opportunities to increase their financial income by performing simple household tasks.

Food for Hungry Program
According to a UN Report, India is home to more than 233 million hungry people. Over 60 million children are malnourished which retards their physical and cognitive growth and increases susceptibility to infection and disease. 90% of pregnant women suffer from malnutrition and anemia. With prices of staple crops expected to double in the next 20 years, there seems to be little relief in sight for millions of famished people.

The brain-child of Master Choa Kok Sui, the Food for Hungry Program was set up in countries across the world to tackle global hunger challenges. The Pranic Healing Home Foundation is focused on alleviating hunger suffering in Tamil Nadu. Under this program, food packets are distributed to needy and homeless people, helping save lives and controlling the outbreak of disease and malnutrition.

If you would like to make a difference to the society through your valuable time or generous contributions, GIVE US A SHOUT!!! We stand committed to transforming people’s lives!
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