How it All Began

There is no excuse for another stressful Christmas or holiday - Padmini and her Pranic Healers can tenderize the family relations!

Diane Cotman

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How it All Began
A house-wife suffering from severe migraine and arthritis for seven long years turned to Pranic Healing for help. While modern medical treatments had failed to give her any relief, all symptoms of migraine and arthritis disappeared within one week of receiving Pranic Healing. Life became enjoyable and meaningful again. Inspired by the amazing results and the complete 360 degree transformation in her life, this individual chose to study Pranic Healing and graduated as a qualified teacher and healer. Fascination soon turned into obsession which lead to the founding of the Pranic Healing Home in 1995.

Mrs. Padmini Ramesh Recounts How One Encounter Changed Her Entire Life

Since 1995, it has been a joyous road to health, healing and wholeness for the thousands of people who have come to Ms. Padmini Ramesh with their health, psychological, financial and relationship problems. When setting up the Pranic Healing Home, Padmini’s inspiration was to create a home that would welcome people from all communities and backgrounds with open arms and transform their lives into one filled with peace, abundance and prosperity. Padmini has a dream - a dream to fulfill her Guru’s vision of having one Pranic Healer in every household.
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