I had taken several loans that I was unable to pay back. With Pranic Healing, I got into a new business partnership that generated a larger income for me so that I was able to pay back loans.

Sharath kumar

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Healing & Regeneration:
Every human being has the innate ability to become an energy healer. Living in an ocean of energy, we all possess the capacity to feel and modify energy waves around us. Our Guru has simplified the process to such a great extent that any lay-person with no background or knowledge in esoteric sciences can begin to work with energy in just 2 days.

Pranic Healing teaches practitioners to always test-run and evaluate concepts before beginning to use them. Keeping this in mind, all our courses are extremely “hands-on”, which means that you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises taught in class on yourself and those around you. In this way, you will feel confident of your healing abilities at the end of the course and will see for yourself how simple movements of your hands can make dramatic changes to your life. Take a look at the various courses offered under our Healing Series. *

Basic Pranic Healing
Kick-start your energy education
The Basic Pranic Healing Course is an intensive, power packed 2 day course that introduces you the fascinating world of energy healing. We lead you through practical experiments and techniques that give you an insight into the ocean of energy that exists all around us and get your ‘hands moving’ to create positive changes in your life….
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Advanced Pranic Healing
Enamoring World of Color Prana
The Advanced Pranic Healing workshop is a specialized workshop for those who wish to become more effective healers. In this course, you will be introduced to the enamoring world of color prana. Similar to a rainbow or spectrum of light, prana energy also consist of seven color combinations. By using the right colors in right proportions, a healer can rapidly multiply the healing effects. .. Read More

Pranic Psychotherapy
For Psychological and emotional difficulties
Pranic Psychotherapy is the application of Pranic Healing techniques to healing and alleviating emotional and mental imbalances. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thought forms and emotional energies lodged in the energy body and in the critical energy centers. These energies are often ….
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Pranic Crystal Healing
Understand the magical power of Mother Earth’s precious gifts
In Pranic Crystal Healing, you will learn how to harness the power of Mother Earth's precious gifts, crystals and gem stones, which you can use to enhance your healing ability, spirituality and prosperity.
Among the topics covered …
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Psychic Self Defense
Protection For You & Your Loved Ones
We are swimming in a world of thought forms and emotional energies, not all of which are beneficial to us. In fact, we are constantly bombarded by negative and injurious people and energies. If you are not properly protected from these contaminants, you and your loved ones can be affected spiritually, mentally, emotional, physically and financially….
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* Selected courses have pre-requisites and eligibility criteria. Check with our foundation for more details
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