Who Made it All Possible

There is no excuse for another stressful Christmas or holiday - Padmini and her Pranic Healers can tenderize the family relations!

Diane Cotman

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Who Made it All Possible
Padmini Ramesh
Founder, Pranic Healing Home

A renowned teacher mentor, healer
and successful entrepreneur,
Padmini was born in Mumbai, India
and later moved to Chennai
(Madras), one of the four capital
cities in south India.

Padmini’s life-transforming encounter with Guru Master Choa Kok Sui has led her to devote the past 23 years of her life to the study, practice and teachings of the Pranic Healing System. She is also a Grand Master of Reiki, a Japanese system of energy healing but practices only Pranic Healing as she discovered it to be a “more complete” healing technique.

When setting up the Pranic Healing Home, Padmini’s motivation was to get people to create a miraculous life for themselves by looking beyond their five senses and applying the fascinating science of Pranic Healing in their daily lives. She has helped heal and transform thousands of people across the globe through her foundation. As Pranic Healing is not bound by time or space, several overseas clients have benefited from her distant healing sessions. Padmini has trained and nurtured thousands of Pranic Healers, many of whom are certified teachers of this healing system today.

Over the years, Ms. Ramesh has developed her own repertoire of energy healing techniques for corporate clients, addressing issues such as cash flow, interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships and energizing marketing campaigns for the success of new products. The key to Ms. Padmini’s success is her deep understanding of spirituality, of who one’s self is and where one stands in relation to others
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