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I had severe pain in my joints and was diagonised with osteoperosis. Thanks to Pranic Healing, I am fit, healthy and very greatful to Mrs. Ramesh for her help during my darkest hours

Bijoy Dey

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About Pranic Healing

Everything is ENERGY!

We must come to an understanding that all matter in the universe is fundamentally made up of the very same substance - ENERGY!!!

It just isn’t your physical body we are talking about here. Do you know that your thoughts and feelings are nothing but energy waves that can actually be measured using instruments? Even your relationships and the amount of money you earn are all fundamentally energy ‘patterns’.

What is fascinating is that all human beings have the innate ability to feel and ‘modify’ energy. Try it out for yourself - Hold the palms of your hands facing each other about 2 inches apart. Can you feel the intense vibration that exists between your palms?

Energy can be transformed
Science explains to us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. Think about what this could mean to you …If you can understand how to work with energy, it can help transform all the negative results in your life into positive results - sickness into well-being, lack into abundance, stress into peace of mind and failing relationships into healthy, strong bonds.

The essence of Prana
What is the fundamental difference between a living and dead person? Both people have a body, a set of organs and billions of cells. What differentiates them is an 'unseen' force that gives one person the awareness and consciousness to experience living while causing the other person ro experience a permanent black-out.

Call it Breath of Life or Vitality of the Soul, Prana is the life sustaining force found within the body of every living thing. Without Prana, we cease to exist as "living beings". Master Choa Kok Sui explains:

"Life Energy or Prana is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of Life Energy” -GMCKS

Principles Behind Pranic Science
The fundamental principles of Pranic Healing are
  • Principle of Self- Recovery - The innate ability of every living being to heal itself
  • Principle of Life Force - Healing process can be accelerated by increasing the pranic life force of the individual
Let us get into this a bit more…

When we cut our fingers or bruise our legs, our body automatically takes the necessary steps to prevent blood loss and repair the damaged tissues. Our bodies are constantly exposed to a variety of toxins, chemicals and pollutants from the environments we live in but our “in-built” defense system fights of all these germs and protects us.

When we are healthy and happy, we feel all charged up and are full of energy. When we are sick or upset, we feel ‘down’ or drained out. In other words, a healthy body has an abundance of prana while a sick or dis-eased body is low on prana. The healing process of an individual is accelerated by increasing the prana life force in them which is readily available from the sun, air and earth.

Using Prana to Heal
Cleansing and energizing are the two basic techniques used by Pranic Healing practitioners when working with energy.

As the name suggests, Cleansing is used to remove dirty or diseased energy in the body and to eradicate blockages in the energy channels. Energizing is the transference of fresh “prana” or life energy to the body and is applied once the cleansing process is completed.

No drugs, no physical contact, no side effects
Pranic Healing requires no drugs, no physical contact with the subject and comes with zero side effects. All living beings and objects have an energy field or ‘aura’ that surrounds and interpenetrates their physical body. It is this energy body that absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body. In Pranic Healing, the practitioners work on this energy field and not the physical body, negating the need for any physical contact.

What would surprise you is that symptoms of physical ailments first show up as energetic disruptions in the aura before manifesting as diseases in the physical body. This energy field that surrounds our body also affects our finances, relationships and emotional health.
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